Aleksejs Ivashuk

Curriculum Vitae




M.A. Political Science, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada

Thesis: “Obama’s Foreign Policy toward Russia: Continuity or Change?”


Honours Philosophy and B.A. Political Science, University of Winnipeg (UofW), Canada

Honours Thesis: “Liberalism and Individualism: The Dissonance Within.”

Professional Experience

01/2019-Present (Part-time, 50%)

English Teacher and Team Lead, Savvy L&D/Freelance, Kiev, Ukraine

• Teaching English, predominately focusing on advanced English and business English for young professionals.

• As a Team Lead, managing a team of English native speakers, allocating clients and serving as a liason between own team and the company, helping solve any issues that arise.

08/2016-07/2017 (Part-time, 20%, remote)

Research Specialist in International Migration, JIS Management, Riga, Latvia

• Researched nationality laws and legal datasets of different countries’ naturalization and residence programmes.

• Analyzed the core requirements and conditions of those programmes, writing up summaries in natural language for future publication in a global database that offers services in migration facilitation.

10/2016-03/2017 (Full-time, 100%)

Analyst, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Thomson Reuters, Gdynia, Poland

• Conducted regulatory, compliance, sanctions, AML, and litigation research, specializing in Russian files.

• Analyzed research data and prepared reports based on the findings, evaluating and marking any red flags found.

• At a request of the Regional Head of EDD, utilized my previous experience in due diligence to provide feedback to management on research methods and use of EDD databases, drafting a detailed report to that end.

03/2015-11/2015 (Part-time, 20%)

Campaign Strategist, Green Party of Canada, Vancouver and Burnaby, Canada

• Planned and organized political campaigns for several 2015 Green Party federal election candidates.

• Recruited campaign staff and formed work teams, assigning operational roles, trainings and tasks.

• Edited and provided feedback on candidates’ speeches and media material drafts.

09/2013-07/2015 (Full-time, 100%)

Due Diligence Researcher and Analyst, IPSA International, Vancouver, Canada

• Investigated individuals and business entities for any risk factors, mostly in leading citizenship-by-investment programmes. Due diligence, AML, compliance, fraud and corruption detection were core parts of the work.

• Based on the research and analysis done, wrote reports that were used by our clients—governments and Fortune 500 financial firms—in assessing risk of of-interest individuals and business entities.

• Continually helped the firm refine its research and reporting methodology, particularly in areas of Russian litigation access and extraction, Russian corporate records verification and Russian media analysis.

• Drafted training guides on compliance and sanctions databases for IPSA’s incoming researchers.

02/2013-09/2013 (Full-time, 80%)

Policy Correspondent and Analyst, Green Party of B.C., Vancouver and Victoria, Canada

• Corresponded with party members and constituents, answering questions and making clarifying statements in regards to Green Party policies, communicating directly with the party leadership on any pressing matters.

• Liaising with the Green Party of B.C. campaign offices for quantitative and qualitative data on the 2013 British Columbia election, analytically assessing the data to provide the Green Party a strategic review for future use.

09/2010-04/2013 (Part-time, 30%)

Teaching Assistant in Political Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

• Taught political science and political philosophy tutorial classes, 12-20 students per class.

• Facilitated class discussions, encouraging student participation and critical thinking, monitoring progress.

• Graded the students’ university exams and essays, providing feedback in commentary form.

08/2012-01/2013 (Part-time, 30%)

Research Assistant in Political Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

• Assisted Dr. Michael Howlett in managing survey databases on Canadian public policy.

• Sent out surveys, compiled contacts, worded inquiries, and assessed incoming survey data.

03/2010-07/2010 (Full-time, 100%)

Intern, United States Senate Budget Committee, Washington, D.C., United States

• Assisted staff in legislative and budgetary research, focusing on healthcare and defense.

• Analyzed and compiled media feeds for the congressional staff, noting any adverse information found.

• Wrote legislative reports and summaries, focusing on the U.S. Department of Defense acquisition bills.

02/2010 (Full-time, 100%)

Intern, National Farmers Union (NFU), Washington, D.C., United States

• Assisted staff in research, accounting, database control and entry, and filing.

• Attended agriculture and union related meetings and wrote up the meeting reports for staff.

01/2010 (Full-time, 100%)

Intern, United States Senate, Kent Conrad’s Office (D-ND), Washington, D.C., United States

• Answered phones, did filing, managed and delivered fax files and letters.

• Attended U.S. Congressional hearings to take notes for staff, writing up summaries.

Auxiliary Experience



Founder, Apatride Network, EU Region

• Connecting vulnerable stateless individuals to organizations and legal counsels that can provide legal aid, including that of immigration and statelessness determination procedures.

• As part of raising awareness on statelessness, organizing and providing lectures on statelessness for universities as well as international organizations.  


Volunteer Interpreter, Canadian Red Cross, British Columbia Lower Mainland, Canada

• Served on call in the First Contact and Disaster Management programmes, particularly, but not solely, for Russian-speaking refugees in situational distress.

• Translated from English to Russian/Ukrainian announcement and general information pamphlets.

• Served as a First Responder in resettling Syrian refugees into the British Columbia Lower Mainland.


Coordinator of Development and Research, NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS), International

• Researched and provided comparative analysis of potential host cities, communicating with liaisons in those cities for conceptual and practical development plans.

• Worked with management and staff in drafting planning for MoNYS in 2015 and beyond, persuading the organization, through analytical reports, to host its summit in Riga in 2015 and in Vancouver in 2016.

• Deliberated over organizational restructuring, assisting MoNYS transition and rebranding into a project under an affiliated umbrella NGO, Euro Atlantic Diplomacy Society.


Research and Methodology Officer, NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS), International

• Responsible for the research, published material and academic content of MoNYS 2014, including rules of procedure, crises management scenarios, and drafting of the summit’s guidelines and debate topics.

• Researched, selected and published current events media articles on the organization’s official website.

• Coordinated the organization’s programmes in public relations and outreach.


Chair for Political Science Graduate Student Caucus, Simon Fraser University, Canada

• Organized social events and professional workshops, involving respected lecturers on academic topics.

• Served as an intermediary between the graduate students and the tenured faculty.

• Together with the Treasurer, managed and allocated the caucus budget, assets and grants.

Memberships, Certifications, and Awards



Member of Internal Core Group, Global Movement on Statelessness, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion


Associate Member and Member of Advisory Committee, European Network on Statelessness (ENS)

09/2016, 08/2018, 08/2021 and ongoing involvement

Certification Programme in International Migration, International Organization for Migration (IOM), hosted by the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

• Participant in annually-held summer lectures on ongoing as well as historical international migration realities, presented by respected international migration experts and field operatives, mostly from the UN agencies.

• From 2018 programme onward, have been invited to serve as a lecturer on statelessness.

Awards of Appreciation, Canadian Red Cross (CRC), Vancouver, Canada

Awarded a number of certificates of appreciation for active engagement in CRC assignments, namely resettlement of Syrian refugees in British Columbia, serving as an organizer of CRC conferences, and staffing call-support in Alberta 2016 and Saskatchewan 2015 forest wildfires.